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Parents of young children preschool to early elementary

The Quiet Schooling of Nature

We all have a fascinating science resource right outside our doors, but we often overlook it because it is so quiet. Come learn how nature study lays the foundation for science lessons, how to get started and how to keep a nature notebook, plus fun and simple nature study ideas for the whole family.

How Reading Helps Your Child Succeed at Writing

Getting your kids to write and enthused about writing is easier than you think. Learn the following: Why reading and writing are important, how they go together, and some quick, relevant tips to implement both reading and writing into your child's daily life. Reading and writing don't have to be monumental tasks. Be encouraged to do a little bit each day to make a huge impact.

Touch Screen Technology and the Young Child

Touch screen technology effectively removes the keyboard barrier to young children’s access to digital technology. With the touch screen even two-year-olds can play games with the touch of a finger. There are now thousands of apps for the preschool child. Some of the benefits and risks of this new technology will be discussed and illustrated.