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Teens and Alums

Saying “Yes” to God until You Can Say “Yes” to Your Man

Every young woman longs for the day when she can say “yes” to the man she loves, though waiting for the right one and the right time can be hard. What can a woman (of any age!) do to experience hope and joyful patience while waiting for that day? Not only currently the mom of five teenage and adult daughters, Tracy was also a widow for three years, waiting on God again for a godly husband. (Note: There will be encouragement for wives as well, on saying “yes” to God even after we’re married.)

Emotion in Christian Anthropology

Modern Christians are often skeptical of focusing on emotions and the impact they have on our lives. As a result, we are often tossed to and fro by forces in our own hearts that exercise an overwhelming influence in our lives. In this workshop, we will explore the biblical nature of emotions, how God intends them to enrich our lives and how we can channel both negative and positive emotions into constructive action.

Firm in Your Faith

This workshop is designed to embolden teens and twenty-somethings in Christ and provide them with adequate tools that will get them engaged in transforming the world for Christ.

Sanity’s in the Freezer (Melanie)

Learn how to have real meals again! Don’t worry if you have tried once-a-month cooking and didn’t like the mess. Melanie didn’t like that either! Find out how to feed your family well on less money and how to serve great dinners with minimal time in the kitchen and no stress. This workshop, popular from Ontario to California, will give beginners in the kitchen a place to start and veterans new and refreshing ideas. Great for teens, too.

The Paradigm of Wonder

Life-long learners, heroes advancing the Kingdom, dreamers who see the possibilities, adults who still have a twinkle in their eye and smile playing about their lips, passionate people pursuing a vision—these don’t come from a box, a workbook, a curriculum or a four-step plan, but they are the very heart of who we want our homeschooled children to become. Explore the essentials of a well-lived childhood that create space for the adventures of a lifetime. You don’t consider the floor properly vacuumed just because someone passed a machine over it.

Tactics: Handling Objections with Grace and Truth

Ever been on the hot seat? Here’s the good news: Christians don’t have to answer every objection thrown at them. Three questions, graciously asked, can reverse the burden of proof and put you back in the driver’s seat—where you belong.

Microbusiness for Homeschoolers: Laying a Foundation of Family Freedom through Entrepreneurial Education

Home is where the heart is, and for countless generations, it’s where families lived, worked and learned in a harmonic, holistic way. Entrepreneurship and home education can still lead to habits of mind that produce the kinds of citizen-scholars that founded our country. Learn how to choose and start a manageable microbusiness, how to incorporate entrepreneurial education into your homeschool and how to grant credit for various types of entrepreneurial learning.

Overcoming Artificial Maturity

The “iY Generation” (twenty-two and younger) has acquired massive amounts of electronic information, often without practical experience and associated responsibility. This creates an artificial maturity that leaves them ill-equipped for real life. In this workshop, Jeff Sande, a “iY” himself, will provide practical guidance on how teens can develop relational skills that will allow them to excel in their marriages, careers and service to God.

The Verge: Intellectual Suicide or Biblical Truth

The purpose of this workshop is to offer a comprehensive biblical worldview seminar to families equipping them to know the truth and make it known in the home and around the world! The worldview seminar will be based on a series of systematic lessons that provide Christians, young and old, with a proper and holistic understanding of the evidence and overwhelming proof of Christianity.

Virtues and Values: A Family’s Quest for Conscientious Living Via Literature and History

Jim Weiss explores a prominent driving issue for all conscientious parents—how to teach character and values in a world full of appalling examples of morals gone amuck. Choosing rich literary models and historical leaders is one way to contrast good and evil; right from wrong and navigate a path toward a rich, healthy and conscientious lifestyle.