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Teens and Alums

12 Qualities of Leadership

As we look around our culture today most of us will agree that we are in a leadership crisis. This is the best opportunity for the body of Christ to step up and model what Christ so openly demonstrated. We are encouraged to open up the Scriptures to see how the life of Christ exemplifies the kind of leadership we can demonstrate as Christ followers.

How to Provide for Your Family

Men are called by God to provide for their families, and the tendency is to think only of the bread-winner category. But there’s much more to being a provider than making money. In this workshop, Mark will explore the different ways God has both called and equipped men to provide for their families: from understanding the vision God has given, to providing for emotional and spiritual needs at home, to making plans for the future. Young men, fathers and those in between need to hear this challenge!

Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

"There are many ways to God so why do Christians think theirs is the only way?” "Christians are arrogant, intolerant bigots who think they’re right and everyone else is wrong.” These are just a few of challenges you will run into when talking about Jesus in today’s increasingly secular and pluralistic culture. Learn how to respond with confidence to the most common objections that often leave Christians speechless. And most importantly, learn how to talk about why Jesus claimed to be the only way to God.

How to Teach Your Children to Love and Understand God’s Word

Loving and understanding the Bible is essential to following Jesus, but it is not always easy. In this session, Matthew McDill will give you practical tools for reading, memorizing, praying, interpreting and applying God’s Word. McDill brings sound hermeneutical insights from his Ph.D. in biblical studies and over twenty years of Bible teaching. But the good news is that anyone can understand God’s Word! You will have what you need to teach your children to love and understand God’s Word.