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Teens and Alums

Same-Sex Marriage: What Now?

More people now live in states with same-sex marriage than those that live in states without it, and with this social revolution comes a lot of questions for people who adhere to the biblical definition of sexuality and marriage. In this session, John offers a framework to understand the issue, as well as answers to many of the practical questions we all now face.

If Considering Military Service, Prepare for Battle

Whether to satisfy a desire to serve in the military or to attain personal development and future benefits, volunteers need to prepare to meet requirements and to increase chances of serving as envisioned. Preparation is especially needed if the applicant desires to be a special operator or a commissioned officer, and even more so if the hope is to obtain an ROTC scholarship or an appointment to a military academy.

Belief That vs. Belief In

In this workshop, you will discover the power and confidence of evidence What is the difference between believing that something is true and actually trusting in it? Jim describes how to deepen one’s confidence and trust in the Bible and Christian worldview. This session utilizes several pieces of equipment from Jim’s law enforcement career (including his bullet proof vest) to illustrate the difference between belief that and belief in.

Online Instruction: The New Frontier

Online education is exploding! It can work hand-in-glove with homeschooling, or it can be an expensive error and a time-waster. What are the pros and cons? Some classes are free, and some are costly—what’s the difference? Are they worth the cost? And maybe the most important question—can we go to class in our jammies? Between them, Diane and Marji have homeschooled nine children, and both have graduated their last student. Their experience with online instruction extends from the parent side to the teacher experience. They have seen the pros and cons from both sides.

The Cold-Case Reliability of the Gospels

Are the Gospels reliable accounts of the life, ministry and death of Jesus? In this presentation (utilizing examples from his investigative work), Jim examines the reliability of the Gospels in a broad overview of his book, Cold-Case Christianity. This session will teach the difference between direct and circumstantial evidence as it makes a four pronged case for the reliability of the eyewitness Gospel accounts. Participants, after applying the template jurors use to confirm the reliability of the Gospels, will emerge with greater confidence in the reliability of the accounts.

Tuition-Free Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Career and College Promise gives qualified high school juniors and seniors (without regard to age) the opportunity to get a "jump start" on a two-year or four-year degree while still in high school. Best of all, it is tuition-free. Students pay only fees and for their books. Students are dually enrolled in their high school and at Central Piedmont Community College allowing them to receive both high school and college credit for courses taken through the program. This workshop will focus upon the benefits of the program and how to enroll your student.

How to Ace the SAT

Jill will share SAT success secrets that have helped thousands of students raise their test scores as much as 600 points! Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, writing, and verbal sections are all covered in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Study Skills & Note Taking

Learn proven tactics for effective studying with practical tips for improving retention, organization, and comprehension. Best for students aged 12+ and their parents.

Understanding the College Application Essay

Colleges routinely rank the personal essay among the most important elements of an application, but it’s a unique and challenging type of writing. What are schools looking for? What can an ordinary student write about? How much self-promotion is good?

Stories through Stage and Screen

Come learn the importance of the dramatic arts as we examine the impact stories have on our lives and culture.