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Struggling Learners

Make This Summer a Turning Point for Struggling Readers

As the summer draws in, parents around the country are carefully planning their summer strategies for encouraging learning. The strategies themselves vary hugely depending on the children, however, there is one element that is consistent across the board, and it is some form of reading. For those with struggling readers this element can be extremely daunting. There are countless parents in the US who feel that they have tried every option and gotten every medical opinion, but nothing seems to end the struggle.

How to Teach Your Platypus

“My boy’s a platypus!” she gushed enthusiastically.
“He’s a what?” I was certain I must have misunderstood her.
“He’s a right-brained, quasi-lateral, confrontational platypus!”
“Oh,” was all I could muster. I was really hoping my cynicism wasn’t showing. “Well that is great.”

The Way to Sanity with Learning Challenged Kids: C.H.E.E.R. Them On!

Have you been looking for the right key to unlock social and academic progress with your learning challenged child?