The Key to Education Is Relationship

2014 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
General interest to all parents

Experts in learning tell us that one of the best predictors of educational success is having a positive relationship between student and teacher. Translated for homeschooling parents: if we build healthy, happy relationships with our children, they will be able to thrive educationally. It goes far beyond desks and multiplication tables, however. For us, it encompasses every aspect of life—since our students are learning with us 24/7! Often we teach, react and parent out of fear which produces feelings of failure and guilt. These negative feelings can impact and even damage those relationships which in turn affect our children's learning. Discover how to grow these significant relationships as well as say "goodbye" to those feelings of fear, guilt and failure. Join Diana for an insightful and practical workshop that will give you tools for building and improving these critical connections with our kids.