Ten Keys to Harmony in the Family

2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
General interest to all parents

According to practical surveying by Lou Priollo, a Christian family counselor, many of our children today are very unhappy  because we as parents have inadvertently frustrated them to bitterness, which unless dealt with, will ultimately lead to rejection of our family values, our world view and ultimately, outright rebellion against us. This is heart breaking for parents but especially homeschooling parents because, from our perspective, we have sacrificed much to provide this world class training and opportunity for our kids. What do we do if we see our children are frustrated and angry? Mike will address ten actions and attitudes that could be the cause of the disharmony in your home. Even if your children are not experiencing anger and discontentment now, these tips will help you avoid the future rebel in your home. Additionally, you could be a blessing to families you know who are going through rebellion problems as you will be able to give to them the practical advice that will be shared in this workshop.