Gap Year, Yes or No?

2013 HINTS Book Fair
Parents of teens (and possibly teens)
Teens and Alums

Gap Year, Yes or No? by , Veteran Homeschool Mom  Have you considered giving your student a gap year before sending them off to college? A gap year is that wonderful year between high school and college, that allows your student to obtain real life experiences and growth, that cannot be had in the very scheduled world of college. There are many advantages to a gap year which allow a student to gain in maturity, time management ability, new senses can be awakened and new experiences can be had that are often life changing. Most colleges have a deferred entry option, which allows you to apply during your senior year without losing your place when you are accepted. Many colleges are looking for students who take a gap year, because of the myriad of growth that can potentially take place. Come and learn how to plan, why to choose it, where to go, and if it is a good choice for you.